Second Coming

This page lists posts from this blog about the Second Coming of Christ in the approximate order that these events will occur (but don’t hold me to it). See also a list of scriptural passages posted here that discuss the Second Coming and related events, such as the Millennium.

We don’t know the exact timing of all these events nor the day of His coming. We can only speculate on how and in what order these things will appear, but if we continue to prayerfully study the scriptures, we’ll be better prepared to discern heavenly signs when they actually happen.

  1. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ” (PDF)
  2. Natural Disasters
  3. Food Storage
  4. September 2015
  5. The Parable of the Ten Virgins
  6. Secret Combinations
  7. Upon My House Shall It Begin
  8. The Disintegration of the Family
  9. The Constitution on the Brink of Ruin
  10. A Desolating Sickness
  11. Men’s Hearts Shall Fail Them
  12. Eating and Drinking, Marrying and Giving in Marriage
  13. The Mark of the Beast
  14. The Antichrist
  15. The Abomination of Desolation
  16. Flee unto Zion for Safety
  17. The Two Witnesses
  18. Gog and Magog, Armageddon, and the Valley of Jehoshaphat
  19. What Will Happen the Day Christ Comes?”
  20. A Thief in the Night
  21. The Sun Shall Be Darkened
  22. At Evening Time It Shall Be Light
  23. Angels Sounding the Trump of God
  24. Silence in Heaven for the Space of Half an Hour
  25. Whatsoever Nation Shall Possess This Land Shall Serve God or Be Swept Off
  26. The Same Day Lot Went Out of Sodom It Rained Fire and Brimstone
  27. All the Proud . . . Shall Be Stubble
  28. The Lord Shall be Red in His Apparel
  29. Caught Up to Meet Him
  30. Calamity Shall Cover the Mocker
  31. The Day Cometh that Shall Burn As an Oven
  32. The New Jerusalem
  33. Worthy to Escape
  34. 16 Questions about the Last Days and the Coming of Christ
  35. Secret Combinations in Our Day
  36. Comparison of Gospel Accounts of the Second Coming of Christ (PDF)
  37. Original list of scriptural passages about the Second Coming (PDF)
  38. New list of scriptural passages about the Second Coming (PDF)
  39. Slide Presentation on the Second Coming (SlideShare)
If you have questions, comments, or corrections for these or any other of my posts, please contact me. Thank you for reading.