Your Inevictable Dream

Rainbow over a rocky mountaintop. Dark clouds, blue sky.

You’re climbing up a mountain,
looking high and low,
driving down the highway,
learning as you go.

Looking for rainbows,
wrestling self-esteem,
searching for your electric,
unquenchable dream.

That dream’s gonna take
all the love you can give
every day of your life
for as long as you live.

So keep climbing up your mountain,
dreaming as you go,
burning down your fears,
taking it nice and slow.

Climb up your rainbow,
ford that wide stream,
keep searching til you find
your beautiful, inevictable dream.

Michael James Fitzgerald

(with a lot of help from Rogers and Hammerstein)

How Can You Feel Hatred?

Sitting dog surrounded by flowers by a lake at sunset.

How can you feel hatred
without being angry?

How can you be angry
without placing blame?

How can you place blame
without passing judgment?

How can you pass judgment
without being deceived?

How can you be deceived
without yielding to pride?

On the other hand . . .

How can you offer love
without also being patient?

How can you offer patience
without showing kindness?

How can you show kindness
without feeling empathy?

How can you feel empathy
without having compassion?

How can you have compassion
without being gracious?

How can you be gracious
without being humble?

How can you humble
with yielding your will
to God?

Michael James Fitzgerald