Near-death Experience Aftereffects

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I recently discovered the following lists of near-death experience aftereffects based on the research of P.M.H. Atwater. They also seem to hold true for those who have had deep or remarkable spiritual experiences, but that’s just my opinion. These lists were developed from more than 3,000 adult research sessions plus 277 with children.

I’ve adapted and formatted the lists (original format). They come from Atwater’s book Beyond the Light. I think the aftereffects are fascinating.

Psychological Aftereffects of Near-death States

Most Common (between 80 to 99%)

  • loss of the fear of death
  • more spiritual/less religious
  • more generous and charitable
  • handle stress easier
  • philosophical
  • more open and accepting of the new and different
  • disregard for time and schedules
  • regard things as new even when they’re not (boredom levels decrease)
  • form expansive concepts of love while at the same time challenged to initiate and maintain satisfying relationships
  • become psychic/intuitive
  • know things (closer connection to Deity/God, prayerful)
  • deal with bouts of depression
  • less competitive

Quite Common (50 to 79%)

  • displays of psychic phenomena
  • vivid dreams and visions
  • “inner child” issues exaggerated
  • convinced of life purpose/mission
  • rejection of previous limitations/norms
  • episodes of future knowing common
  • more detached and objective (dissociation)
  • “merge” easily (absorption)
  • hunger for knowledge
  • difficulty communicating and with language
  • can go through deep periods of depression and feelings of alienation from others
  • synchronicity commonplace
  • more or less sexual
  • less desire for possessions and money
  • service oriented
  • healing ability
  • attract animals
  • good with plants
  • aware of invisible energy fields/auras
  • preference for open doors and open windows/shades
  • drawn to crystals
  • laugh more
  • adults: lighter afterwards
  • children: wiser, more serious, bonding to parents lessens

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