The Near-Death Experience of Tricia Barker

I found the fascinating near-death experience of Tricia Barker yesterday morning. Her joy is contagious, so I am sharing it with you today.

At 22, Tricia was on her way to run a 10K race in Austin, Texas when she was hit head on at 65 miles per hour. She died for two and a half minutes during surgery, but came back with the story of an incredible encounter with angels and God who gave her a very clear mission.

I bought Tricia’s well-written book on audio immediately and listened to the entire recording in one day. It was heart crushing, as profound, devastating, and haunting as it was redemptive.

I was amazed and even shocked by what she has been through in her life. Some people make incredible sacrifices to be able to teach others how to live life joyfully. I believe Tricia Barker is one of those people. Her YouTube channel is Near Death Experience: Healed by the Light.

I listen to, watch, and read a lot of near-death experiences. (I’ve collected over 100 of them here.) I’ve written a post about patterns that are common in near-death experiences. I’ve also written about an atheist’s near death experience.

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