Key Verse: “All Victory and Glory” (D&C 103:36)
Young Captain Moroni was a diligent, faithful man who served the Nephites.

I found this verse in the Doctrine and Covenants when was still a teenager. I love it. It strikes me as a simple formula for success. It’s a success formula from a very authoritative source—the most authoritative source there is, in fact.

In this verse, spoken by our Savior, there are three keys to winning “all victory and glory”:

All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith. (Doctrine and Covenants 103:36; emphasis added.)

Let’s look at definitions of these three keys for a moment:

  1. Diligence. Describes a “steady, earnest, and energetic” and even painstaking effort, includes perseverance.
  2. Faithfulness. The quality of “having or showing true and constant support or loyalty“; also, “firm in devotion or support.”
  3. Prayers of faith. A genuine prayer of faith is “a reverent communication with God during which a person gives thanks and asks for blessings. . . .”

If you are diligent, faithful, and persevere in prayer, your “victory” is assured.

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