My Christmas Sword

I was pretty surprised to receive a 47-inch broadsword for Christmas. I absolutely love it, of course, but I wondered why my wife would give me such an impractical gift. I mean, it’s a pretty cool butter knife, but I can’t really take it out of the house.

When I asked her later why she gave me the sword, I didn’t expect her answer. “You’re a warrior,” she said. “You need a weapon.”

As you can well imagine, that made me feel a little dangerous. I am not entirely sure why I like feeling dangerous, but John Eldredge does.

My wife recently read Wild at Heart by Eldredge. And she got me a copy of it to read too. (It’s in the queue. The short one.) I am eager to find out why I like feeling dangerous.

Maybe my wife actually needs me for something. Maybe I might actually be useful to her. Maybe she wants a warrior to be near her.

The notion means a lot to me. It makes me want to be even more useful, to try harder to shield and defend and protect, if only spiritually or even symbolically.

My wife knighted me. And that really means a lot.

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