Lucifer’s “Facebook Page”

Those who were once good friends are now mocking you on social media for your steadiness in your faith. It’s troubling to you. It is to me, too. Those who were once active in your faith have found a new form of activity. It’s disturbing but this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Imagine with me for a few minutes how it might have began in the premortal world.

Courtesy LDS Media Library
Lucifer had a very popular “Facebook page.” His posts were smart and often funny, his assertions well-reasoned, his arguments, pointed, persuasive, well-researched. Though he sometimes demonstrated a fiery self-righteousness, he was generally revered as one of the sons of the morning. He was very confident in his arguments and gave the impression that he was always right and that everyone else was wrong, including his Father, Elohim, and his older brother, Jehovah.
He often made bold claims to his rights and the rights of all of God’s children, and that God was ignoring those rights. Before long, things started getting out of hand. His contempt for our Father grew and he became more and more negative and disrespectful towards Him—and His rules and laws. On any given day, you could read a lot of clever put-downs on his timeline, posts dripping with wrath, indignation, and even threats. 
Imagine his power to convince and persuade others, and his finesse at positioning himself as a hero, full of hard-won wisdom. He had found what he termed as truth—important facts that our Father had overlooked—and he felt morally obligated to spread it to everyone who would listen. He had millions upon millions of friends and followers. How could someone so smart, so popular, so persuasive, so respected, so handsome, so clever, and so “with the times” possibly be wrong? 
Not everyone believed him, I’m happy to report. These had a quiet confidence and bided there time. They knew a war of sorts was about to break out and they were prepared for it. They responded to every one of his event invites with “not going.” They spent a lot of time talking and listening to Elohim and Jehovah and to their heavenly mother. They used no coercion, no mocking, no jarring justifications. They didn’t need to. They followed Father loyally, in spite of some fierce opposition and mounting public scorn. 
Jehovah didn’t have a “Facebook page.” He was very well known without having to rely on social media. He was always respectful of others and of their developing opinions, but He never let there be any doubt about where He stood on the issues. He was not shy about what and Who He stood for. 
Despite Jehovah’s pleadings to the contrary, war soon began, a war fought with words, ideas, convictions, and testimony. It was a spiritual war. It was a dangerous and stressful time for the children of the kingdom. Many rose up in open rebellion against our Father, though they claimed they were actually in support of Him. He just needed to rethink His policies, they claimed. He needed to ask the right questions, come to His senses, and then all would be well.

Millions lost their spiritual lives in the ensuing battles, but the Father’s warriors of light defeated the enemy in battle after battle, though many of them suffered deep wounds. Father wept over those who defected to the “other side” as did His followers.  

In a last ditch effort to make himself out as the actual victor, Lucifer announced to his millions of followers that they were gathering together at a big public park near one of Father’s houses and publicly declaring their resignation from heaven and from Father’s family. Lucifer’s event was reasonably successful and got a lot of press attention. Billions followed his lead.
After an unsuccessful and rather embarrassing coup attempt, Lucifer and his minions of opinion were marched out of the kingdom and sent to a new world, far, far away. And here the war continues. 

One thought on “Lucifer’s “Facebook Page”

  1. Anonymous November 23, 2015 / 10:26 pm

    All hail the archangel Zuckerburg! He who shuts down the FB of the adversary.


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