What Makes Love Last? 8 Virtues That Make Love Last

True principles will never let you down. Here are a few that will help hold your relationships together.

Nothing erodes love like dishonesty. Is what you’re hiding more important than your relationship? If not, stop hiding it or it will be the only thing you have left. You can’t be honest with others without first being honest with yourself.

Respect always builds others; it never tears them down. Lasting love is impossible without respect. You can give respect as a free gift. Respect begets respect.

Trust is the only enduring currency in all relationships. Without trust, relationships simply cannot last. Honesty and respect create a foundation for trust. Sexual honesty and purity—keeping it between you and your spouse only—is a fortress that protects love and family.

You don’t have to always be right. Be sorry when you need to be sorry, say you’re sorry and mean it. The ability to admit you’re wrong builds trust. A genuine apology helps draw two people closer together. But don’t use “sorry” tritely.

If you don’t forgive, you’ll live in a self-made prison. Forgive yourself. It’ll make it easier to forgive others. Resentment means that you have some forgiving to do. Forgiveness sets you free.

If you have issues, clean them up, for your sake and for the sake of those you love. If you have an addiction or a long-term emotional hang up, you need help. Get it. Have the courage to seek therapy and support. You’ll be a lot less lonely if you do.

You’ve got to have fun with each other. Relax, lighten up, use your imagination, and try something new. Fun renews life. It renews everything.

“Love is being stupid together.” —Paul Valery 

If you dream, you can hope. If you hope, you can find tomorrow. Share your dreams with each other. Create your dreams together.

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