A Mission Miracle

Kirtland Temple
Courtesy LDS Media Library

Our daughter received her mission call on Wednesday, September 24. She waited until the next day, Thursday, to open it at her sister’s home in Provo. She asked me to take the envelope—her “big white baby” as she called it—to work that day so she wouldn’t be tempted to open it.

She was called to the Ohio Cleveland Mission and will be serving in the Kirtland Visitor’s Center. Here’s why that’s significant to me. I served in the Ohio Cleveland Mission (1977–79), and I spent the last eight months of my mission in Kirtland (May 1978–January 1979).

When I was there, I lived in the Newel K. Whitney store which was not yet owned by the Church. It was amazing to live in the same building where Joseph and Emma lived, where Joseph Smith III was born, where the school of the prophets was held. The store was in miraculous preservation. In just a few years, that building will be 200 years old.

Now my daughter will give tours there—38 years later. It’s more than fulfilling. It’s amazing.

God is good. He knows us. He likes to tell us in gentle ways, “I care.” He really does.

2 thoughts on “A Mission Miracle

  1. Sister Radhika Rishi September 30, 2014 / 3:03 pm

    What a wonderful gift!!!! I hope your daughter will enjoy her calling as you did. Many blessings to your family. What a special place to serve!


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