How Much Is a Pass-Along Card Worth?

Today in church a woman told a story about a man she knew in her previous ward in Maryland. He was a Pakistani cab driver. He liked to give out pass-long cards to passengers so he kept a supply of them in his car.

One day he discovered that he had only one card left. He gave the card to a rider, a preoccupied businessman, as he was getting out of the cab, but the man promptly crumbled the card up and tossed it into a garbage can!

The driver couldn’t stand it. He hopped out of his cab and retrieved the little abused card out of the trash and tried to flatten it back out.

Soon the businessman came back and they had a conversation that went something like this.

“What are you doing with the card?” asked the man.

“This card is important,” answered the driver. “I need it to give it to someone else.”

“Well, I’ll take it then.”

“No you won’t. You threw the card away. I need to give it to someone who will appreciate it.”

“If it’s that important to you,” said the businessman, “I think I should take a closer look at it.”

The driver relented and returned the card.

I hope as I give out pass-along cards in the future that I can be as genuine and persuasive as this faithful man.

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