Why Doubt Is Your Friend

Doubt has a job. Doubt is here to wake you up, sort of like an alarm clock. I think Doubt can be your friend, but not your best friend. Faith should be your best friend. Always. There is a big difference between those two.

There is so much to know in this universe and so little we do know. Doubt reminds you of what you don’t know and, in his way, of what you can know. Doubt can be helpful. He should be a welcome guest when he comes around, but only a guest.

Sometimes Doubt lingers beyond his welcome. He hopes you will adopt him into your family and make your home his permanent home. Don’t do that. Have him come over for an evening discussion now and then, but send him home when it gets dark.

I struggled with Doubt in the past. We used to hang out together. But then I discovered that, as smart as he was, he could be pretty stubborn and lazy. He also complained a lot. He wasn’t always the best influence on me so I have broken off our friendship for the most part. We still talk on the phone every once in a while. I consider him a friend but we don’t do much together. I appreciate him, nonetheless, because he has challenged me and pointed me in the right direction even though he didn’t realize he was doing that.

One of Doubt’s biggest issues is his vision. He has a huge myopia problem. In fact, he has to get new eyeglasses every couple of weeks. It’s expensive and time consuming. Must be tough. He also has sloppy eating habits, a weight problem, and a personal hygiene issue. I’ve had to tell him in public that he stinks! I really feel sorry for him, but I am careful to not be an enabler. I’ve had to use tough love with Doubt. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t answer my texts. Hmmm.

The main reason why Doubt and I aren’t close anymore is because of my friend Faith. Faith filled the vacuum Doubt left behind. She is always is positive and hopeful. She is never lazy or unkind and she is always a good influence on me. She is energetic, fun, and she just motivates me! She always tells the truth and she reaches out to me when I am down. Let me just get this out: I love her. She is my BFF!

I’ve never doubted my friendship with Doubt. We’ve been friends since childhood. We’re just not close anymore, but that’s okay with me. (I’m codependent no more.)

On the other hand, I found out recently that Faith is my sister! We are blood relatives! I did some family history work and found out that we come from the same Parents. Woo hoo! She is coming over for Sunday dinner tonight. I also plan to see her at church today. I am so excited!

You are always welcome to join us.

P.S. Yep, this is a variation of post on doubt I wrote last year.

2 thoughts on “Why Doubt Is Your Friend

  1. Jeff G June 29, 2014 / 9:54 pm

    Descartes would be proud. I'm not so sure Jesus would feel the same though


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