A Lesson from a $50 Bill

I saw a little object lesson on Sunday that I’ve never seen before. The teacher of a Sunday School class held up a $50 bill. She asked, “Does anyone want 50 dollars?”

Hands shot up. Groans and giggles rolled over the classroom.

She crumpled up the bill into a ball. “Do you still want it?” she asked.

The second response was a bit more enthusiastic than the first.

Then she wrote on the bill and abused it in other ways. She asked us to imagine her stomping the bill into the dirt.

“Still want it?” she asked again.

Of course the same folks still wanted the bill (though they never got it).

Her point? The bill still held its value, even when bad things happened to it, even though it was in worse shape than when we first saw it.

Shape and condition do not determine the worth and value of a $50 bill, and it does not determine our worth.

Each of us is beyond value, no matter what condition or state we currently are in.

You are priceless, no matter what you imagine about yourself. Do you accept that?

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