A Patriotism that Stands for Love of People

I believe in America, but I also believe, not only in love of country, but also in a love for all people of all countries.

I believe this country is a unique gift from Almighty God, but that doesn’t mean that other countries and peoples are not equally blessed and loved by their Creator.

I appreciate this quote and appeal from Gerald Ford, a former U.S. President, in 1968, a difficult time for this country:

America now is stumbling through the darkness of hatred and divisiveness. Our values, our principles, and our determination to succeed as a free and democratic people will give us a torch to light the way. And we will survive and become the stronger—not only because of a patriotism that stands for love of country, but a patriotism that stands for love of people.

And here is another a quote from our current U.S. President Barack Obama at a similarly difficult time:

A freedom without love or charity or duty is unworthy of our founding ideals and those who died in their defense.

I believe in the principles upon which this country was founded and I pray for and with those with whom I disagree.

I am humbled by and grateful for the gifts that have come to me through the sacrifice of others, a sacrifice that has cost many the ultimate price. I cannot repay you, but I can honor you with my respect and eternal gratitude.

When the Savior of all mankind returns to His creation, the whole world will be united under a devotion to God and fellowman that will include all faiths and nations under heaven.

Then, and not until then, will we be truly free.

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