A Forgotten Blessing

Yesterday, we got an interesting letter in the mail. The envelope looked like junk mail, but inside was a letter from Zappos stating that we had an unused credit of $184.00. We had completely forgotten about it.

Our second daughter was married in the fall of 2008 and my wife had bought some shoes then for the wedding. She tried and returned a number of pairs, leaving a credit balance. The interesting thing is that I have needed to buy dress shoes and tennis shoes or sneakers for weeks. I wanted to get a good quality pair of dress shoes, the kind that last for years rather than a few months, so I was working to save up for that, hoping that my current shoes could last until I could get the money together.

But then came this envelope. Out of the blue, it seems, the exact blessing I needed. My wife recovered our account and we were able to order a pair of Eccos and Nikes. Shipping was free and we wound up having to pay only $6.00 but that came out of PayPal where I had a credit.

I was amazed. Is this not a blessing? When help comes to you to meet a need, small or large, you feel blessed and watched over. That is how I feel today, and I deeply appreciate it.

Isn’t it wonderful when Heavenly Father sends you a surprise gift?

Now I realize some of you would have no trouble just going to the store and getting whatever shoes you wanted. You are blessed as well, only in a different way. We are both blessed. Some are blessed to earn, some to create, some our blessed to forget and then to remember, just at the right time.

Author: Michael James Fitzgerald

I write, read, run, and ski.

One thought on “A Forgotten Blessing”

  1. I like that you said that “some are blessed to forget and then to remember, just at the right time.” I've thought a lot about that in my own life and why it is that I can't remember sometimes the good experiences or blessings that have come. I pray to be able to remember them and when I do remember, it's always just at the right time like you said. I think that if I were personally to remember all of the good all of the time I would become complacent about it, perhaps not appreciating it enough.
    I'm glad I forget sometimes. It makes remembering all the sweeter.


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