On My Way to Work

This is mostly for my grandkids, but you can follow along if you like.

I get on the bus every morning at about 6:40. Some people don’t think it’s fun to ride the bus, but I love it. 

One thing I like doing on the bus is checking my email and writing.


In Salt Lake, I get off the bus at the Social Hall Museum. It looks like a museum, but really it’s a secret passage way.

When you get into the museum, you go down two stories by escalator.

Here is a picture of what the Social Hall looked like in 1853. The pioneers watched plays and went to dances there.
This is a tunnel I walk through. Instead of walking across the street, I walk under it.

I walk through the City Creek Food Court on my way to work. They have a play area there.

City Creek actually still runs through the City Creek Mall. Here is a waterfall. There are trout in this creek. I hope you can see them sometime.


This is the Church Administration building. This is where the prophets and apostles work. I walk by this building every day on my way to work.

This is the office I work in. It used to be a hotel. It was first opened in 1911.

Here are the gardens outside of my office.
This is my desk.
This is the lobby to my building.
This is the Salt Lake Temple very near where I work.

One thought on “On My Way to Work

  1. Fishgutts August 20, 2012 / 8:03 pm

    I used to attend a ward that met at your work back when GBH was Prophet. I love that building!!!


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