Yesterday I Witnessed a Miracle

Early yesterday morning, my daughter took me to a neighboring town to get our pickup truck. I had left it at the Park and Ride overnight so we could go to the creche display in Midway (I highly recommend it). On the way home, my daughter was a little bit ahead of me and witnessed a single car accident.

The roads were slick from a dusting of snow that fell the night before. A small pickup rounded a sharp curve and the driver, a teenage girl, lost control. The pickup flipped over, landing upside down. I arrived a minute or two after it happened.

I saw my daughter from a distance approaching the overturned truck. I was instantly sobered because at first I thought the cab of the pickup had been flattened and the person in the little truck must have been seriously injured or even dead.

The miracle was that the cab of the truck, upon closer inspection, was fully intact because as the pickup flipped, the cab had fit perfectly into the irrigation ditch that was on the right side of the road.

Within moments I was at my daughter’s side and we discovered that the girl was okay but could not get out of the truck. She was kneeling on the upside-down roof of the cab. I was able to grab a corner of the passenger side door and open it enough for the girl, shaken but without injury, to pop out.

My daughter loaned her her cell phone so the girl could call her family. Minutes later, two members of our ward, both RNs, drove by and stopped. They knew exactly what to do to make sure the girl was okay. Boy, was I happy to see them.

Within a short time, local police and EMTs arrived and took the girl into a warm ambulance, and our daughter gave a statement to a police officer because she was the sole witness.

I caught the girl’s father for a moment before I left. I said, “I got the impression that your daughter’s life was preserved for a reason.” The Spirit bore quiet witness to me that this was true. I knew I had been a witness of a miracle. I drove home a changed man.

Some might reason that these “coincidences” were merely chance happenings. I don’t see it that way. I have never seen it that way. There was order and blessings in the chaos. There was a holy feeling there, too, as if angels were present.

The English word miracle comes from the Latin word miraculum, which means a wonder or a marvel. I am still in wonder. I am still marveling, humbled, and grateful.

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