My Primary Kids and My Birthday

A few weeks after being released as bishop a year ago (can you believe it has been a year?) I was called as a Primary teacher for our ward’s Valiant 9 class.

It had been 1992 that I was last a Primary teacher. It’s been a long time since I taught such a young age group and I have absolutely loved it. I really mean that. I have a wonderful Primary class and it such a blessing to be their teacher. I can’t wait to be with them on Sundays.

So I have a birthday this month and yesterday I got called up front during Sharing Time so the kids in senior Primary could sing “You’ve Had a Birthday.” Red faced. Looking at the floor. That was me. I don’t relish that kind of attention, but it was good to be in the kid’s shoes for a switch.

Anyway, after I sat down, I quietly asked the kids how old they thought I was going to be. The first girl I asked said she thought I would turn 28 and instantly became my new BFF, but after she heard a few other kids guess, she upped her estimate to 48. Smart girl, and still my BFF.

One boy guessed that I would be 70 to 80. Ha ha ha! Can you see why I love being around these kids?

Four guesses were in the 60s, three in the 50s, three in the 40s and one was off the chart (70 to 80). Anyway, I averaged the guesses and they were quite close to the right age. The average was 56.3 and my actual age is 54.

Only five weeks left teaching these adorable kids. Then it will be Christmas and then on to a new year and a new adventure.

I have a hard time with change. I am not looking forward to it. I know I will miss these kids a lot.

A lot.

One thought on “My Primary Kids and My Birthday

  1. Jeffrey Cannon November 16, 2011 / 3:47 pm

    If my math is correct, you were about the same age I am now when you were my Primary teacher. You were a good one. Happy birthday.


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