Update on Health

It has been several months since I gave you an update on my health. I am at home with a virus today, so it’s a good time to send a post, though a little ironic.

I have been on the steroid Prednisone for several months which has been keeping the lid on my hyperactive immune system. I am trying to get off it now. I got down to one tablet a day (5 mg) for a time and stopped entirely four days ago. Some of the symptoms are flaring, like the perioral inflammation (around my mouth), but other than that, I am feeling quite good, virus notwithstanding.

I am taking an herbal supplement called Immucalm that is helping keep my immune system calm. I can tell a difference shortly after I take a few capsules. Sometimes I have taken herbs or a supplement for something and it seems nothing happens. But other times I can tell when something really works. This, gratefully, is one of those times.

I know, you can clog your brain with so many choices and options, but you have to listen carefully to your own body, your own spirit. I am grateful for modern medicine and ancient medicine. Both take patience and wisdom to apply safely and correctly. But if there is anything I can do to treat an illness through pure nutrition, I’ll do that first.

Speaking of nutrition, I’ve stayed on a largely vegetable-based diet for over four months and I’ve been off of meat for about five months. What a difference it has made. I have been able to maintain a much healthier weight (over 30 pounds off my peak), reduce body fat, and feel much more energetic and clear minded. I have a few gooshy spots, but for the most part I am lean and have more strength and endurance. Those things feel better than any food tastes.

One interesting side effect is that I have not gotten a sunburn this summer. Not even a little one. This has been a yearly ordeal since childhood. I am fair skinned and always used to get burns. But this year, nothing. Sometimes I have put a little sunscreen on the back of my neck as a precaution, but that’s it. I was out in the sun for several hours a few Saturdays ago, but no burn. I have heard how people who eat raw food don’t burn and now I am a believer. 

My diet is, however, not perfect. My wife and I went out to dinner for our anniversary about a week ago—Tucanos which has a HUGE salad bar. I secretly asked the hostess to bring us a big slice of chocolate cake. (I love to totally shock my wife. The longer we are married, the better I get at it.) I actually ate about 1/4 of the slice. It tasted wonderful, but since I don’t eat much sugar, something that sweet almost burns my taste buds. I am not kidding. And my stomach was a bit rumbley afterwards, too.  I won’t do that very often, but I preforgive myself if I do.

I read a book recently where the author claimed to eat really healthy food 90 percent of the time. I need my ratio to be 95 percent or higher. I think this is a good approach. It’s got balance. I eat A LOT of raw food, but I am not 100 percent raw and don’t plan to be. I don’t eat meat right now, but I do plan to eat some turkey on Thanksgiving. I avoid sweets generally, but will have a little on a special occasion.

Snack foods and sweets aren’t that appealing to me anymore. They are not a temptation. I crave vegetables like never before. For breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know that sounds a little odd, but it’s true. It’s a good place to be. I am not fighting with myself over food. And rather than paying the price for my culinary indulgences, I am getting tons of benefits from eating the way I am, like staying away from the hospital, for one.

I am a convert to healthy eating. I am not saying I’ll never fall prey to my Cheez-it and cookie appetite. I could. But I don’t plan on it.

P.S. I miss orange juice. 

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