Friday Night Is Date Night

What did you do on Friday night? We went on a date. We often do on Fridays.

We talked about going to Soul Surfer, but the temperatures were so nice, we decided to go on a picnic instead, just the two of us, at a park down the street from us. Our 16-year-old daughter was out-of-town at youth conference.

We had sweet potato oven fries and veggie sandwiches made on raw onion bread. We sat on the grass on a quilt made by my old ward for our wedding over 30 years ago. We talked and laughed. We took a walk around the park barefoot, holding hands. We brought our croquet set and played a game under the shade of maple trees.

Later we went out for “dessert.” We went to a local health food store and bought some stevia-sweetened soda. The drinks were not chilled, so we stopped at a gas station and bought two plastic cups with ice for $0.25 each ($0.53 with tax).

We poured our soda in the car and had a toast. I noticed a couple of women in an SUV near us. They were watching us and smiling. I smiled back.

I told my wife our date felt like the kind of dates we had when we were courting and engaged.

These last few months have not been easy on us. I haven’t felt good. I have been in pain and I haven’t been the easiest person to live with or be around. I’ve been grumpy at times and have spoken an occasional poniard.

Moods don’t last, though. I have my ups and downs. A lot of downs, actually, during the last four months. Feelings change, but commitment is one of the closest things we have to a constant in this life. Dating my wife and having fun together helps bring me back to the center line.

“I’m sorry” is important in a marriage, from both sides. Really meaning it, too. It’s what brings us back. If you can’t say you’re sorry very often, it’s probably pride that’s keeping you from recognizing the need to be wrong regularly. And if you’ve got pride, you’ve got something to hide. Usually from yourself. Give it up and you’ll be happier.

I am excited for next Friday night. How about you?

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