A Quiet Mother’s Day

We had a quiet Mother’s Day today. Our oldest daughter lives in Texas, our second oldest daughter was in Idaho this weekend for her brother-in-law’s missionary homecoming, and our youngest daughter, who is still at home with us, was sick. Cristi and I ate our dinner alone, but we ate well.

We shared raw “tempura” vegetables and a big salad. Cristi had a couple of slices Amy’s Organic pizza (her request) and a dry rhubarb soda. She also had lots of chocolate, in waves. The latest wave was a small box of Godiva chocolates, which is her favorite kind, if you must know. I also made the filling for a raw key lime pie. We haven’t gotten to dessert yet because we are so full.

I remembered today something my wife said one Mother’s Day. “All I want for Mother’s Day is for my children to do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it.” In fact, I think she has wanted that since our oldest child was old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Doesn’t that sound just like something a mom would say, or something a mom would want?

Even more than chocolate, my sweet wife wants our children to be happy and successful and faithful and free. That’s just like her. Her heart’s desire always involves some good wish in behalf others. That’s just like her, too.

For lots of moms, Mother’s Day is hard. For many women, Mother’s Day is a reminder that, for some reason, God has withheld their heart’s desire from them—marriage, or a happy marriage, children, or obedient children. Mother’s Day represents a lot of heart ache for many women and mothers.

Let me offer one small thing today to all women. I think one reason why you ache so much is because you care so much. That is the miracle of who and what you are. And that, I think, is the true measure of your ultimate success, your inability to not care.

You will not be judged by the agency of others but by the pure beauty of your heart. God bless you, all of you, for reminding us of what heaven is like and what it will be like.

Whatever you heart’s desire, it will come to you if you patient enough to receive it in small doses.

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