United in Prayer

This is Cristi, Mike’s wife. I am a true believer in the power of prayer, especially when many are united in a focused purpose. May I humbly request your prayers in behalf of my husband who is quite ill. Without going into too many details, he has struggled for over two months with a gout attack and the pain that accompanies it. Along with it came several other things, i.e., a dangerous infection, a nasty rash, etc. A little more than a week ago, everything came crashing down, and this past weekend he spent an entire day at urgent care and the ER. The initial tests point to an autoimmune disease. In the meantime, he is in pain, has extreme fatigue, and has an extremely limited diet. He has been unable to work but has plenty he can do from home as soon as he can focus without so much pain.

Over the past week, many small things have happened that remind us that the Lord is paying attention to even the small details. We know He is near, and we are grateful for that. We’re also grateful to those who serve us and show their love through words and acts of kindness. We are blessed.

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