New Testament Class Member Study Guide

As I mentioned yesterday in a post, we’ll be studying the New Testament this year in Sunday School. Here is a link to the online version of the New Testament Class Member Study Guide. The nice thing about the online version of this guide is that you can click on references to passages of scripture and read them on the spot.

We have wireless Internet at our Church. You can read scriptures online, for example, or install them locally on your electronic device. Some people bring their iPads and other devices to Church and can look at the scriptures (and this study guide) right during class on them. It’s kind of cool. 

I think it is an exciting development that we have so many electronic resources from the Church, literally at our fingertips. But I am still a little on the old-fashioned side and like bringing my scriptures to Church. You know, the kind printed on actual paper. With leather bindings. I am just that way, you know.

Sometimes I think electronica can be deliriously distracting, especially to our youth. For example, one might appear to be looking up a verse from Isaiah on her smart phone, but what she is actually doing is texting her friend across the room. It’s the modern version of passing notes in class, only sneakier!

But, well, er, if I save money and get an iPad, don’t be surprised if I lay aside my old-fashioned ways and tote something shiny and new to Church.

Have a blessed day. 

One thought on “New Testament Class Member Study Guide

  1. Patty Ann December 29, 2010 / 9:43 pm

    I can't imagine that they have wireless anything at our ward, but love the idea of having the manual on the computer.


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