What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

Have you ever seriously considered the question, “What is my life’s purpose?”

You might be thinking that your life’s purpose is caring for your children or loving your spouse, living the teachings of the gospel, enduring trials and overcoming them, or preparing to be “taken home to that God who gave [you] life” (Alma 40:11). That is all true, and all those things are part of your core purpose. You have those elements in common with nearly everyone, though not everyone may recognize that.

But what about your unique talents, the combination of gifts and special abilities that only you possess? Did not God give you your special gifts in order to bless your life and the lives of others? Are you focusing on those talents and using them? Or are you confused about who you are and what you alone can do for this world?

I have a suggestion, one that I have followed myself with encouraging results. The suggestion is, considering what your unique talents are, to write in one focused sentence your life’s purpose. I have written many drafts of this sentence, and it has been an enlightening experience.

There is a lot going on in your unconscious mind. Imagine you are on a small rubber raft in the middle of the ocean. The raft is your conscious mind, and the ocean is your unconscious mind. Unguided, the raft drifts on the currents of thought and imagination.

Try this experiment: close your eyes and try to not think of anything. It’s impossible. Our minds are always adrift with images and thought, unless we dip an intentional oar into the vast sea of our unconsciousness.

You may not realize it, but one of our great joys in life is when we connect the conscious mind with the unconscious. Some of the ways we do this is by talking, reading and writing. These tasks guide us. They help us dredge the unconscious mind and bring some of what is going on down below to the surface. Writing down your purpose statement will help do just that.

If you write it in several drafts—I have written over 20 drafts of mine—something you don’t expect will emerge. If you pray and rely on the Spirit to direct you, you will enjoy more clarity than you could otherwise enjoy. Knowing clearly what your purpose is, the purpose that puts your unique talents and abilities into the forefront of your life, and putting that purpose down on paper, will help you be far more focused and successful and confident.

If you feel unsettled at all about what your true purpose and mission is, start writing. It will bless you and many others. It will protect you. It will get you through the rough spots. It will fuel your determination. Write a draft and think about it. Then come back and write it down again.

I’d like to share my purpose:

My life’s purpose is to inspire others to discover and embrace their divine potential and purpose through the power of the holy scriptures, and through the written and spoken word.

For your own sake, for the sake of your husband or wife, for you children, and any others whom you might bless, start getting it down. Knowing your purpose will bless their lives and enable you to bless hundreds, maybe even thousands of others.

One thought on “What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

  1. Cristi October 13, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    And you live your life's purpose rather eloquently, I might say.


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