Unexpected Appreciation

You know I’ve been struggling in my work, but yesterday, I received a boost in the form of some unexpected appreciation for my books. I got this email message from a woman in New York:

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, My father is an avid reader of your books and I was hoping you could send him an autograph to cheer him up. He just had quadruple bypass heart surgery and I know receiving an autograph from you would put a smile on his face. I have included his name and address below. Thank you very much.

I shared this email with my wife. She wondered if I was the right Mike Fitzgerald. So did I. I have never received a request like this before. So I emailed the woman back. She replied this morning.

Thank you very much for your reply and kind e-mail. My father has the following books by you. Learning Ruby, Learning XSLT, XSL Essentials, and Building B2B Applications with XML. I can see that you and my father have a lot in common…COMPUTERS! He is still in the hospital and doing much better. He should be home sometime next week. Thank you again, Mr. Fitzgerald.

So I guess I am the right Mike Fitzgerald.

You can imagine that as discouraged as I have been, this compliment was very welcome. This woman’s father will receive his signed book this week.

This reminded me of a proverb:

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. —Proverbs 25:25

If you appreciate or admire someone, let them know. You will refresh a soul.

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