Five Fat Burning Tips

How about some practical tips for a change? I have adopted these tips from Benjamin Teal, the Middle Management guy (don’t worry, that’s not an affiliate link). Following are five fat burning tips that any of us can easily incorporate into our daily regimen.

1. Eat smaller meals, more frequently. Eating smaller meals, 5 to 6 times per day, help our bodies stay properly fueled and more efficient.

2. Eat lean protein at every meal. Protein helps our bodies burn food more slowly. It also keeps blood sugar in balance, keeps cravings under control and also helps us feel more full.

3. Get a good night’s sleep. That’s a tough one for me. Sleep plays an important role in keeping hormone levels in balance, especially the ones that are responsible for regulating metabolism and controlling hunger.

4. Keep it moving. A body in motion burns more calories and stays healthier. Recent studies have proven that people who are active and who keep moving through the day, tend to be healthier and more fit.

5. Build muscle. Muscle burns fat better than any other tissue in your body. When you lift weights, for example, your muscles burn calories and fat while they’re repairing themselves for a full 36 hours after you’ve worked out. That’s an amazing fact.

Feel better and have a great day!

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