On Mother’s Day

You stood at the doorway of my life and welcomed me into the world.

You did the most thankless jobs in the world for me, with no pay other than the pure hope that I would turn out all right.

You stopped my tears and taught me to smile.

You worried about me when everyone else forgot about me.

You woke up in the night to feed me, and stayed up late to make sure I got home safe.

Your love—and good food—always managed to bring me home again.

Though I hurt you a thousand times, you forgave me before I even realized what I had done wrong.

You gave me hope when no one else cared, and you saw the good in me when no one else dared.

You told me no when you had to, and yes as often as you could.

No one ever could do for me what you did. You are the last, best hope for humanity. And me.

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