Worth Waiting For

I had a special opportunity to witness the sealing of a couple in the Manti temple this morning. I have been visiting for about four years with the sister who was sealed. We have talked many times about the possibilities of finding a husband. After many years of searching, she finally found him and after a wonderful courtship,the two of them were sealed today—Sealing Room 6 which was an apartment where President Daniel H. Wells actually lived while he was the first president of the Manti temple (1888–1891).

I am so happy for them I could bust buttons. It seems like relationships that involve patience and self-discipline over a long period of time have more staying power. It is so important to keep our hopes and standards fixed as high as we can.

I loved the counsel of the sealer, Archie Brugger. He had some excellent advice which I could stand to hear. For example, he described marriage as the most trying and rewarding do-it-yourself project imaginable, and said if your marriage fails it often has to do with your own personal issues, not someone elses.

I am grateful to see a long hoped for dream come to life before my very eyes, all a result of keeping covenants through thick and thin, being immovable on standards, and holding onto the anchor chain of faith while neck deep in the water.

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