How Did That Happen?

Throughout last year, there was a small blue number in the upper-left corner of the white board in the bishop’s office. The number was 67. It represented a goal for the year: 67 percent sacrament meeting attendance.

I was sitting at the computer in the clerk’s office last Sunday, at the end of the day. Without really thinking much about it, I decided to print the quarterly membership report. I looked down at the sacrament meeting attendance for the fourth quarter, 2009. I think I had to blink twice and look again. The number was 67.1 percent.

I could hardly believe my eyes. It had been a high goal. I thought when we set it, that it would take some reaching. If you were to ask me the specific measures we took to achieve this number, I wouldn’t know what to tell you.

There are so many factors that go into this, and it wasn’t just ward members attending who made this number rise.  And no, this does not represent attendance for the whole year. But it represents a significant jump when compared to some quarters earlier in the year, and year on year.

All I know is, I am astounded and grateful to my Heavenly Father.

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