New Temple in Payson Announced Today

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President Thomas S. Monson announced today (January 25, 2010) that a temple will be built in Payson, Utah. The temple will be built near 800 South, the Wal-mart exit off I-15 (see the photo on the left).

It will serve 22 stakes from Spanish Fork to Nephi, and the nearly 80,000 members of the Church living in those communities. This will be the Church’s 152nd temple. It appears that Mapleton will remain part of the Provo Temple district.

If you are not familiar with temples or Latter-day Saints, see this background information on temples if you would like to learn more. For a chronological list of temples, starting with the first temple dedicated by Latter-day Saints in 1836, see this list.

For the full-story, see this link.

One thought on “New Temple in Payson Announced Today

  1. Patty Ann January 26, 2010 / 9:27 pm

    glyWow! I remember the days when we had to recite all the temples to graduate from Primary! I think there were 12. It is amazing to me how many there are in the world today. Great job as always. I love your blog!


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