New LDS Youth Website

A new website dedicated to the youth of the Church is available at It is specifically for young people ages twelve to eighteen.

Here is a description from “It features prophetic guidance for youth along with media featuring youth around the world following the example of the Savior in serving and strengthening one another. The site is also the online home of A Brand New Year 2010, where youth bear witness of the power of living the standards in For the Strength of Youth.”

One of the features I thought was pretty neat was the Testimony Wall.  You can click on a picture of a young man or young woman and then read their testimony. It is so refreshing to read their reverent, genuine testimonies.

I also like the Brand New Year section of the site. There you can download music and videos for free (even the jewel case artwork). And on the Spread the Word page, you can download posters, commitment cards, even T-shirt graphics.

So if you are still in your youth, a leader of youth, or wish you could go back to your youth, check out

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