I’ll Give You Four Weeks

Shortly after Elder F. Enzio Busche was baptized in 1958, he came to his branch meeting place in Dortmund, Germany, the town where he lived. A member of the branch looked the new member up and down, walked over to him, and lifted his tie with one finger. He said to young Elder Busche, “I’ll give you four weeks.”

How would you have felt, as new convert, if a member of the Church said such a thing to you? Many of us would be devastated. A few among us would have turned around, walked out the door, and never come back. But not Elder Busche.

He writes of that experience, “I realize now that I could have been offended, but, instead of being irritated, the Holy Ghost blessed me with a powerful feeling of calm, satisfaction, and gratitude, and I was not offended at all. I smiled at him and even surprised myself with my answer. I heard myself saying, ‘Brother, I am so glad that men such as you will be there to help me and prevent such a thing from happening.'”

Many years later, while serving as a Regional Representative, Elder Busche came across this man and greeted him warmly. The man was “overcome with strong, but humble, emotions.” We don’t know all the words they exchanged, but he hugged Elder Busche, squeezed his hands, and said, “Thank you. I love you.”

Imagine how Elder Busche felt once again seeing the man who had given him “four weeks.” Imagine how the man himself felt. It was Elder Busche’s faith that carried him to safety, beyond the reach of disappointment in others. If we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, as Elder Busche did, we will find the higher road, the happier road that leads, not to unresolved bitterness, but to peace of mind and a glowing heart of satisfaction. (This story comes from pages 98 to 99 of Yearning for the Living God.)

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