Annual Ward Goal Survey

Here are the results of our annual ward goal survey that we conducted during tithing settlement. The results are merely representative. They don’t paint the whole picture, but they do help us get an idea of what is going on in the homes of our ward.

We had a sample of 32 respondents, each respondent was made up of either a couple or family.

Among the families surveyed, 50 individuals read the Doctrine and Covenants during the year. That means that for every family that responded, 1.5 persons read the book. If we were able to get a response from all ward members, the number who read would likely be much higher. Congratulations. That’s a lot of reading. Keep it up.

Families were also asked if they felt like they had improved their home or visiting teaching over the last year. Twenty-seven responded yes, 4 said somewhat, and 1 honest soul said no. However, when we look at the statistics for home and visiting teaching for the past year, the numbers are down. We are continuing to pursue this goal through 2010.

Finally, we asked if ward members felt as if their understanding of the principle of repentance improved. We hit this topic often over the pulpit. Again, 27 said yes, 5 said somewhat, and 0 said no.

Our ward goals are mostly an emphasis by ward leaders. We of course can’t set goals for you, but we encourage you to set appropriate goals for yourself. I am grateful for those of you who have taken the ward goals seriously this year. Thank you for stretching yourselves and reaching beyond the status quo.

I want to thank Ted B. for compiling the results. Danke schön.

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