A Wedding on the Trail—November 2, 1856

One of the rescuers that traveled from the Salt Lake valley to assist the handcart companies was 28-year-old James B. Cole. James had had a dream in which he saw his future wife, a beautiful young woman who wore a fur cap bound on her head with a green scarf. He told his dream to a friend and fellow rescuer William H. Kimball.

As the two men rode into camp of the Willie Handcart Company on October 21, 1856, William spotted the girl with the fur cap and green scarf and told James, “There is your dream girl.” It was 23-year-old Lucy Ward who had been traveling by handcart with a group of young women.

It was on this day, November 2, in 1856, that less than two weeks after meeting, that James B. Cole and Lucy Ward were married at Fort Bridger. They spent the winter of 1856–1857 at nearby Fort Supply which had been built by the Mormons in 1853. Lucy regained her health and by the spring of 1857, James and Lucy were able to move to the Salt Lake Valley.

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