Another Miracle for the Willie Handcart Company

“Robert Smith had left his mother and five siblings in Scotland and traveled to Salt Lake in 1854. He settled in Lehi. When he learned that his family was traveling to Utah in one of the troubled handcart companies, he joined in the rescue.

“Elizabeth Smith, his 13-year-old sister, was encouraging their six-year-old brother, Alexander, to keep walking as they neared the Green River. Elizabeth related that Alexander had expressed his strong wish to see their brother, Robert, as they approached a creek bank.

“Just then Robert appeared in his ox-driven wagon.

“Robert rejoiced to see them and asked where their mother and sister were. His mother, Marjorie McEwan Bain Smith, age 51, and his younger sister, Mary, age 15, had sat down exhausted. It was just at that low point that Robert came running to them.

“He loaded them in his wagon and brought them with the rest of the company to the Valley. Once in the Valley he took them to his home in Lehi.”

 —From Betsy Smith Goodwin, “The Tired Mother: Pioneer Recollections,” Improvement Era 22, no. 9 (July 1919): 780 (see The Travels of the Willie Handcart Company).

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