Stake Conference Notes

I feel blessed to have been able to attend three sessions of our stake conference this past weekend. Elder Steven J. Lund of the Seventy was our visiting authority. I took notes, and here are a few of the quotes that had an impact on me.

“The oath and covenant of the priesthood combines heavenly power with mankind’s greatest desires. It functions by the Lord’s own hand.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, quoted by Elder Lund

“If the family is broken, then the transmission of values is broken.” -Elder Lund

“Never let go of a criticism until it blesses us.” -Jay D. Clark

“Don’t worry about what you’ll do; worry about who you are.” -Ronald A. Rasband, quoted by Elder Lund

“If your focus is the temple, tithing takes care of itself.” -Elder Lund

“Those who teach know how to teach.” -Neil Pitts

“We don’t take animals to the temple temple today; we take a broken heart and a contrite spirit.” -Merrill J. Bateman

“If you don’t act on a prompting, the will of the Lord will go undone.” -Elder Lund

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