Thank You, Amos Dixon, Revolutionary War Soldier

Today is Independence Day, and I want to express some overdue appreciation. Amos Dixon, my fourth great-grandfather on my mother’s side, fought in the Revolutionary War, so my gratitude is over 200 years past due.

Amos was born in 1765 and enlisted at Stamford, Connecticut on Oct. 14, 1780, a few months before his 16th birthday.

As a private, Amos served first in Lieutenant Ben’s artillery company and then later served under Captain Charles Smith and Colonel John Mead. He also served under Captain Samuel Palmer.

He fought in the Battle of North Street and was at some time taken prisoner in an engagement with the British, but made his escape and returned to his company.

He remained in the army for two years, until peace was declared at the end of November 1782.

I appreciate Amos’ courage to step up to his duty to his country at quite a young age. I honor him for his perseverance. I congratulate him on his cleverness in escaping from his English captors! I thank him for his contribution to one of the most noble and important causes in the history of the world: The establishment of an ingenious, inspired and free system of government that, in spite of persistent difficulties and regular embarrassments, still stands as a light to the world.

God bless Amos Dixon. Without your unselfish service and the service of thousands like you, where would my faith and religious freedom be today? Where would I be? Thank you. I will be thinking about you a lot today.

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