One Week to Live?

What if you sat in your doctor’s office today, and he told you rather gravely that you had only one week to live? What would you do?

Most of us would panic. I would. But after the initial shock wore off, what would you really want to do? Would you keep the news to yourself or would you tell everyone? Will we hear about it on your Facebook status line, over the phone, in person?

Would you want to make any personal visits to family or old friends? If so, what would be the first thing out of your mouth? Would you make an apology? return something you borrowed from them? finally “give them a piece of your mind”?

How about the phone calls? Is there anyone you’d want to call? Is there anyone you would be reluctant to call? What would you say?

Would you make a rushed trip to Disneyland? Paris? Rio de Janeiro? the temple? Would you stay home and catch up in your journal? or clean out your bedstand drawers before anyone noticed what’s in them?

Most of all, who would you want to make peace with, other than with God or yourself? What unfinished business would you be eager to take care of? Would you make a past-due appointment with your bishop, or would you have something to tell your spouse?

Staring up at the horizon of eternity, what would be on your mind?

If there is something unsaid or undone that you would feel motivated to do then, why not do it now?

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