The Not-so Newlywed Game

We played the Not-so Newlywed Game last night at a small bishopric party. Cristi and I asked these questions of the men and women separately, and then had them come back together to see if their answers matched, with hilarious results. Try these questions out on your spouse or at a party and see how you do. The first four questions are 10 points; the bonus questions are 25 points.

Happy New Year!

Questions for the Women

1. Which would be the hardest thing for your husband to give up?
a. His four-wheeler.
b. Hunting.
c. Television.
d. __________________

2. If your husband died and came back as an animal, what kind of animal would it be?

3. What percentage of the housework would (a) you say your husband does, and (b) would your husband say he does.

4. What words did your husband use when he proposed to you?


5. If your husband could go shopping at any store of his choosing, what would be his first choice?
a. Cabelas
b. Sports Authority
c. Dillards
d. A bookstore
e. ________________

Questions for the Men

1. What is your mother-in-law’s middle name?

2. When your wife is talking to you, is your response:
a. Honey, did you say something?
b. Could you repeat the question please?
c. The right response to what she said.

3. After the wedding, what was the address of the first home or apartment you lived in?

4. What is the title of the last book your wife read in it’s entirety?


Your wife would feel the most loved and cherished if you:
a. Wrote her a love poem.
b. Had flowers delivered to home or her work.
c. Gave her a box of expensive chocolates.
d. Brought home something sparkly and expensive.
e. Sent her off shopping while you cleaned the house top to bottom.

2 thoughts on “The Not-so Newlywed Game

  1. Susan Pope June 24, 2009 / 1:45 pm

    thanks for the questions. We are preparing a marriage celebration for our marriage ministry this weekend and your questions are great. Continue to let God use you.


  2. Arkansas Bartholomews February 3, 2011 / 6:03 am

    ooo, those are some hard questions. And still intriguing! Thanks for this post.



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