Murmur Free for Three

Remember our Murmur Free for Three Challenge in the ward last year? The one where we signed a contract with ourselves and wore a wrist band. Here’s the promised from the contract again.

  • “I will not complain or murmur about the people around me or my circumstances. Complaining is often the result of feeling powerless to change relationships and circumstances. I am not powerless. As antidotes to complaining, I will express gratitude to the Lord for all things (D&C 78:19), even my trials and difficulties, and I will set aside my fears and seek to resolve conflicts directly with the people involved, rather than by ‘venting’ to others.”
  • “I will not judge others or talk negatively behind their backs. Judging others leads to gossip, blame, and anger. The Savior asked us not to judge others (Matthew 7:1–2). One reason is because, as Paul explained, by judging others we bring condemnation on ourselves (Romans 2:1). Judging presents more evidence against us that the person judged. As an antidotes to judging, I will pray for the person involved, strive to understand and feel love, and seek to render acts of service to him or her.”
  • “I will, like President Hinckley, look for the sunshine in life. I will be positive in my expressions, express hope and faith, and see the bright side. I will believe in myself, that God can give me strength to overcome any trial, and that through the atonement, I can forgive myself and others. I will release my grudges for past hurts, and lay them aside with faith that God can heal all wounds.”

I took the challenge on myself last year but it took me months to get the poison of murmuring or complaining out of my system. I finally did. It was a worthy battle with only one opponent: me.

Speaking of challenges, I have never had more of them than during the time I have been bishop, but each challenge has been a blessing in work clothes.

I am privately taking the challenge on myself again for the next three weeks. I found my wristband and it’s on my left wrist right now. It’s time recognize that my blessings are far greater than any trial face.

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