Limiting and Broadening Our Opportunites

Yesterday, the bishopric gave a presentation on three youth awards sponsored by the Church: Faith in God for Girls, Faith in God for Boys, Young Men Duty to God , and Young Women Personal Progress. Something that Lewis said in his talk yesterday really pierced me. It was a quote from Robert D. Hales.

“The choices you make today will directly influence the number and kinds of opportunities you will have in the future. Each daily decision will either limit or broaden your opportunities. As you make righteous decisions…you will be ready to make righteous decisions in the future.” (Robert D. Hales, “Fulfilling Our Duty to God,” Ensign, November 2001.

So the choices you and I make today—whatever they may be—will either open up more choices in the future or close opportunities down. I know I’ll be thinking about this quote for weeks.

And I can’t forget Lon’s story about the Canadian schooner Bluenose, especially how the fact that the keel and ribs were exposed to harsh elements for many weeks during the winter it was constructed made it the fastest and fittest racing and fishing vessel on the Northeast coast for nearly 20 years. It makes me realize that the winters of our lives are designed to help and prepare us, not just “warp” and scare us.

Anything that is showing up in our lives that is trying and testing us is either there by Divine purpose, or if it is there by our own weak choices, can be refitted to our eternal, Divine education, if we let it.

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