The Power of Tenderness

When I’ve discussed marriage in class settings and in private counseling, I have sometimes made a statement that the greatest influence that a wife can have on her husband will be through her tenderness. In fact, I have said that tenderness is one of the greatest influences for good in the world.

During a small group session, a woman in our ward asked: “What is tenderness?” At that moment, I didn’t give a very clear answer, but after thinking about the question for months, I am ready to give it another try.

Tenderness is gentleness expressed with genuine caring. It is seeing beyond the moment into a human need, and to respond to that need with kindness. It is honest touch with the intent to heal and comfort. It is eyes that search and care. It is sincere, undistracted attention. It is the consolation of body and soul. It is the magnet that draws us home and into the arms of loved ones.

Tenderness does not go only one way—from wife to husband and children. It may seem less natural for a husband to express it than a wife, but he is equally able learn how to express it as well. Everyone needs and wants to feel the tender care of another.

No other power or influence in this world will have a greater effect in drawing your loved ones to you and to the light of heaven than your tender thoughts, feelings, and gestures.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Tenderness

  1. Sarah August 17, 2008 / 2:36 am

    That is beautiful, and very inspiring. I will try to remember to act with more tenderness towards my husband and children. I think Christ was a perfect example of tenderness to everyone with whom he came in contact.Thank you, also, for your comment on my ‘delicate questions’ post. Very good advice indeed, that I’m sure will prove very useful to me in the near future!! 🙂


  2. Jim and Jeanmarie August 18, 2008 / 5:29 am

    Tenderness is when your husband gives you a hug at your worst moment with out saying a single word! Those are the moments that I remember the most and they make everything seem right in the world!


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