The Four Aspects of Love

About two weeks ago, I found an intriguing list which I have been thinking about ever since: The four aspects of love. They are:
1. Allowing
2. Accepting
3. Approving
4. Appreciating
When people feel loved, they feel accepted, appreciated, approved of, and allowed to be themselves. That sums it up for me and probably for you, too. When those four things are present in my relationships, I feel loved. And when I feel loved, I feel really happy and motivated, too.
Think about how our Heavenly Father loves us. He has given us agency, allowing us to choose for ourselves. When we make mistakes, even big ones, He accepts us. We can feel His approval when those around us turn away. And we feel appreciated by Him, even when we make the smallest effort to do what’s right.
Now think about your spouse (if you don’t have one now, then the one you’ll have in the future). Do you allow him to make mistakes without constantly criticizing? Do you accept her even though she is upset with you? Do you show him your approval for the effort he is putting
in to be a better provider or leader in the home? Do you show appreciation every day for the small things she does that make your life easier and better?
Our acceptance and approval of our spouses can be independent of our acceptance and approval of what they do or say today. We can allow them the room to grow and learn without constantly picking on them. There is always something to appreciate about our husbands or wives, even if we don’t agree with everything they want or say or do. In other words, we can allow, accept, approve, and appreciate them for who they are, and if we do, I can’t imagine a greater force or environment for positive change.
Love your wife or husband as your Heavenly Father loves you, and you will see a big difference in your marriage.

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